Our 10 Step Process

1. Welcome Meeting: We love to hear all about your ideas, expectations, and concerns.  We start our process with a “welcome” meeting. Once you’re all done with the paperwork, we begin to stage the production!  During the meeting you will receive contact information for our fabulous partners, discuss your availability to meet with them so we can schedule your appointments, and review additional details. This meeting usually takes place no more than 14 days after you’ve hired us, and can be done remotely. We love technology!

2. Design meeting: This one’s a biggie! Your producer will guide you through the process of selecting the perfect linen, charger plates, china, and other little details to create the most amazing tablescape.

3. Floral Design Meeting: This one’s a biggie too!  During this meeting you will discuss which flowers are in season for your big day, what options are best in your color scheme, how to put together the look you’re dreaming of!

4. Food Selection Session aka: The Tasting!! This is part one of the yummy portion of the production process. Based on your catering package, your producer will review with you options from our standardized tasting menu, so you can sample some of our delicious culinary creations.  Our tastings are scheduled on a Sunday and typically 3-4 months prior to your wedding date.

5. Cake Tasting: This is part two of the yummy portion of the production process! Your producer will schedule a cake tasting with the cake vendor of your choice (provided within the package), at the bakery so you can smell, taste, and see the most amazing sweets ever!

6. Final design and flower sample meeting: So you’ve already discussed colors, seen our china, linen, and tablescape options, discussed your dream centerpiece with our floral designer, and you’re ready to see it all together! That’s what we do in this meeting. It’s usually scheduled 3 months prior to the wedding. Here you see it all come to life!

7. Walk thru:   We schedule and attend a walk thru about 3-4 weeks prior to the wedding.  It’s important for us to know where and how you want the tables laid out, how early we can arrive for set up, any additional requirements the venue might have that we are not aware of, and all the details that make your day of streamlined and stress free!

8. Final Production Meeting: The week of your producer schedules a final production meeting to make sure everything is ready.  You review the day of time line, discuss any last minute issues, and sign off on all the information.  We are ready to go!

9. Drop off Items: 3 days prior to the wedding, you have the option of dropping things off at our office.  Be sure to discuss with your producer which items we are able to transport and set up, and which items may incur additional fees and preparation.

10. The Big Day!! As your production team, our focus is on making sure your reception is ready to go at event time.  We receive the deliveries, work with the vendors to set everything up promptly and you discussed with the team.  If your ceremony is at the same location as your reception, some team members are available to greet your guests.  Remember, we are your wedding producers, and don’t focus on all of the tasks of a full wedding planner,  We have a great network of planners we can recommend that are familiar with our process and packages and work great with us, or you can hire an in house planner if you feel it’s easier.  Either way, we are always here to answer questions and assist you with your plans!