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Broke Bride

How much will your wedding cost?

Broke Bride

How much will your wedding cost?

We recently ran across a fantastic article in MSN’s finance section, all about weddings! In fact, we liked it so much, we had to share the facts with you. It breaks down the average cost of a wedding today in real numbers, from real research. In 2012, this meant it cost $28,427 on average to get married.

The wedding-cost breakdown from includes items like:

  • Engagement ring, $5,431; wedding gown, $1,211.
  • Wedding planner: $1,847.
  • Ceremony site, $1,711; reception venue: $12,905.
  • Rehearsal dinner, $1,135; catering, $63 per person; wedding cake, $560.
  • Ceremony musicians, $554; reception band, $3,084; reception DJ, $988.
  • Photographer: $2,379; videographer, $1,619.
  • Flowers/decor: $1,997.

Our wedding packages offer a lot of these items at one inclusive cost, but we often find that clients have not considered every last detail that they might want when they set their budget. Does the father of the bride want a specific type of liquor? Does your outdoor wedding venue have ample lighting at night, or will you have to pay for additional lighting? Will you be getting ready at a bridal suite? Some venues, like Douglas Entrance, charge additional fees for the rental of these “getting ready” spaces.

All of these are additional costs that you should consider when setting your overall budget. Remember, we’re here to help you. Share your list of priorities, and your allotted budgets, with your wedding planner. We have years of experience and can often recommend an in-season flower that is less costly, or a faux tier on a wedding cake to save money while still looking grandiose.

Remember, we’re in the business of giving you the very best day of your life, and you can count on us!

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